Business Share Certificates

Small and midsize businesses often need more flexibility when it comes to investing and accessing capital. TopLine Federal Credit Union Share Certificates let you dictate the terms of your investment, giving you control over how much you deposit, how long your investment matures and at what rate-so a fixed return is guaranteed. Better still, all our Business Share Certificates offer great free benefits-including free 24/7 online and mobile account access, eStatements and more.

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Regular Business Share Certificates

Our traditional Regular Business Share Certificate offers terms from 90 days to 5 years with a minimum deposit of just $300 for terms over 12 months. Deposit more, earn more-it's that simple.

Interest Maturity Business Certificates

Looking for a guaranteed, fixed return? This 11-month certificate pays higher dividends at maturity.

Progressive Business Certificates

Enjoy higher returns for your business with the flexibility to step-up the dividend rate to the current published rate any one time during the 25-month term.

Penalty Free Business Certificates

Want some flexibility for unexpected business expenses? This 15-month certificate earns a guaranteed, fixed return while letting you access funds at any time without penalty.