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As everyone knows, when it rains it pours. That's why TopLine offers a variety of Umbrella Insurance options to keep you covered.

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What is umbrella insurance?

An umbrella policy is just what it sounds like—extra coverage when life gets stormy. It offers liability insurance above and beyond your standard property and casualty policies-so should you ever face excessive legal damages, you and your assets will be protected.

Do I need umbrella insurance?

If you own or rent property, you should strongly consider umbrella insurance. Personal injury verdicts often award large sums in damages. Umbrella coverage requires an auto policy to be in force and extends liability coverage to other policies that secures the lifestyle you've worked so hard for. Should a tenant or a visitor have an accident on your property, umbrella coverage can help you avoid financial ruin. Likewise, if you operate auto or recreational vehicles, the risk of injury to yourself and others is increased. So having umbrella coverage on an automobile, a boat, snowmobile, motorcycle or RV makes good sense. We'll also shop policies from a number of reputable carriers to ensure you're offered the most competitive premiums available.

Better coverage at a better price

At TopLine Insurance Agency, we work to save our members money every day, in every way we can. To ensure you always get the right coverage for your needs at the best possible rates, we offer a range of policies from some of the most
well-known insurance carriers.

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