Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors (CCUFC)

Many TopLine employees have successfully completed Credit Union National Association’s (CUNA) Financial Counseling Certification Program (FiCEP).

This program enhances employees’ financial knowledge and skills to provide an elevated level of financial wellness, guidance and counseling to assist credit union members.  Through the year-long certified program, credit union employees learn how to better council members on developing healthy financial habits, such as establishing a financial services relationship, developing a budget, importance of emergency savings, saving for retirement/401k contributions, tracking expenses, using credit wisely, paying down debt, understanding credit reports and scores, and the importance of planning for their futures.  Employees who complete the course receive the Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors (CCUFC) designation.  We remain committed to providing financial expertise, guidance and resources that meet our members’ individual needs to improve their financial wellness.

certified credit union financial counselors

Alan S., SVP & Chief Lending Officer (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Alex W., Branch Manager (CCUFC), Como Park

Amy J., Mortgage Processor and Closer (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Andrea D., Branch Manager (CCUFC), Brooklyn Park

Ann L., Collections Manager (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Barb C., Senior Mortgage Officer (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Ben M., Member Services Specialist (CCUFC), Brooklyn Park

Beverly T., Member Lending Specialist (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Bob M., AVP Lending (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Cameron N., Member Services Specialist (CCUFC), Plymouth

Carli O., Member Services Specialist (CCUFC), Bloomington 

Cindy M., Training & Development Manager (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Clayton J., Mortgage Consultant (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Dan S., Member Services Specialist (CCUFC), Como Park

Dana B., Senior Residential Loan Processor (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Joe M., Collections Coordinator (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Julie M., Branch Manager (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Kari K., Member Services Specialist (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Kent E., SVP Member Services & Branch Operations (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Kim W., Residential Loan Processor (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Kristina F., Director of Loan Servicing (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Mandee S., Member Care Center Representative (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Marcus M., Indirect Lending Manager (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Pam D., Loan Service Representative (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Peter F. Member Business Lender (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Sara M., Member Care Center Manager (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Scott B., Assistant Branch Manager (CCUFC), Brooklyn Park

Shannon M., Senior Consumer Loan Officer (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Stephanie B., Member Lending Specialist (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Theresa W., Member Lending Specialist (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Tiffany H., Member Services Specialist (CCUFC), Maple Grove

Troy C., Branch Manager (CCUFC), Plymouth

Vinny B., Assistant Branch Manager (CCUFC), Maple Grove

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