Online Financial Security

TopLine will never contact you to ask for your personal information. 

Be aware of those that contact you via phone, email, text or mail and ask for your identifying information, like account numbers, PINs, CVV security codes, social security numbers, DOB; most likely this has the potential of being a scam. If you have questions or feel like you have been scammed, please contact us immediately at 763-391-9494 or if after hours, please call the number on the back of your debit or credit card.


From buying and selling to online banking and investing, we conduct financial transactions online nearly every day. TopLine Financial Credit Union is committed to arming you with the tools and information you need to protect yourself from evolving online threats to your financial security.



Identity Protection

Get the financial education you need to stop identity theft at the source. The more you know about what the risks are, the more you can take action to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. Check out these prevention tips and resources to help you in the fight against identity theft.

Securing Online Accounts

TopLine has many security factors in place to protect your accounts. These precautions can help safeguard your personal information even more.

Online banking security

  • Use strong passwords. A combination of letters, numbers and special characters is the best defense. Avoid using easily guessed passwords like addresses and birthdays.
  • Use Anti-virus Protections. Have up-to-date anti-virus software that can scan emails received.
  • Be safe with emails. Most emails are not encrypted. Be wary about sending any sensitive information such as account numbers this way. Don't respond to unusual email requests for personal information.
  • Sign off and log out. Always log off. This prevents anyone going back to your accounts.
  • Monitor your accounts. Check your accounts regularly and let us know immediately if there is anything that does not seem right.
  • Look for secure websites. Secure websites will have a "lock" icon on the browser status bar or the web address will start with "https."

Card Security

  • Protect your debit and credit card from unauthorized transactions.
  • Keep track of your receipts. These are your proof of purchases.
  • Review your statements. Report any transactions that don't appear to be yours.
  • Shred your receipts before disposing of them. Free Shred-It™ services are available at any TopLine branch location.
  • Know who you are talking to. Only give your information to trusted sources.


Beware of phishing

Phishing refers to fraudulent emails that appear to come from legitimate institutions and typically ask for your account number, social security number, password and/or other confidential information. If you receive a suspicious email claiming to be from TopLine, please forward it to or call us at (763) 391-9494.

Make the switch to eStatements

Going paperless can also help protect your private billing information. When you choose electronic statements, you'll receive email alerts whenever new statements are available to view. Plus, you can easily print your statements from virtually anywhere.

Enroll in eStatements

Sign up for Account Alerts

Set up Account Alerts to be delivered by text message or email to any mobile device. To enroll, log in to online banking.


Credit reports

Obtaining your credit report and reviewing it every year is a smart move. At TopLine we're happy to help you do just that.

Free Credit Report