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Press Releases
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Bedding Drive 2021 TopLine_Bedding_Drive_031621.pdf Coming Soon
MNCUN Marketing Awards 2021 TopLine_MNCUN_Marketing_Award_2021.pdf Coming Soon
Planting Roots Teen Conference Keystone_Career_Pathways_Teen_Conference_040121.pdf Coming Soon
Minnesota FoodShare Month 2021 TopLine_MN_FoodShare_Month_FINAL.pdf Coming Soon
Bike Drive May 2021 Keystone_Bike_Drive_Press_Release_FINAL.pdf Coming Soon
TopLine Clothing and Shoe Drive TopLine_Clothing_and_Shoe_Drive_052621_FINAL.pdf Coming Soon
TopLine Right Track Interns TopLine_RightTrack_2021_Intern_Release_FINAL.pdf Coming Soon
Personal Care Drive 2021 TopLine_Personal_Care_Drive_060921_FINAL.pdf Coming Soon
StarTribune Top Workplace 2021 TopLine_StarTribune_TopWorkPlace2021_Release_FINAL.pdf Coming Soon
TopLine 2021 Fundraiser Topline__2021_Fundraiser_Release_FINAL.pdf Coming Soon
Best of Business 2021 TopLine2021TwinCitiesBestofBizAwardsFinal.pdf Coming Soon
TopLine School Supply Drive 2021 TopLine_School_Supply_Drive_092221.pdf Coming Soon
CU Forward Day 2021 TopLineCUForward2021.pdf Coming Soon
MNCUN Desjardins Financial Education Awards TopLineDesjardinYouthandAdult_2021_FINAL.pdf Coming Soon
Wayzata Compass Program 2022 Wayzata_Compass_Program_011922.pdf Coming Soon
Holiday Gift Drive 2022 TopLine_Holiday_Gift_Drive_012522.pdf Coming Soon
SUN Media Brooklyn Park SUN_Media_2022_010222_FINAL.pdf Coming Soon
CUNA GAC 2022 CUNAGAC031022.pdf Coming Soon
Winter Gear Drive 2022 TopLine_Winter_Gear_Drive_042922.pdf Coming Soon
United Financials Capital 2022 Press_release_UFC_5-3-2022.pdf Coming Soon
MNCUN Marketing Awards 2022 MNCUN_Marketing_Awards_051122.pdf Coming Soon
MNCUN Director of the Year MNCUN_Director_of_the_Year_060722.pdf Coming Soon
United Financials Capital (UFC) United_Financials_Capitals_060922.pdf Coming Soon
Wayzata Compass Program Cybersecurity Wayzata_Compass_Program_061522.pdf Coming Soon
TopLine Diaper and Wipe Drive 2022 TopLine_DiaperWipeDrive_062122.pdf Coming Soon
TopLine Clothing and Shoe Drive 2022 Clothing__Shoe_Drive_062822.pdf Coming Soon
TopLine Bedding Drive 2022 TopLine_Bedding_Drive_030122.pdf Coming Soon
MN FoodShare Month Food Drive 2022 TopLine_MN_FoodShare_Month_040122.pdf Coming Soon
Bike Drive 2022 Keystone__Avenues_Bike_Drive_Press_Release_070622.pdf Coming Soon
TopLine Foundation Fundraising Event 2022 2022_TopLine_Foundation_Fundraising_Event_071822.pdf Coming Soon
StarTribune Top Workplace 2022 TopLine_StarTribune_TopWorkPlace2022_Release_FINAL.pdf Coming Soon
State Charter Conversion 2022 TopLine_Converts_to_a_State_Charter_080122.pdf Coming Soon
2022 Twin Cities Best of Business Twin_Cities_Best_of_Business_082322.pdf Coming Soon
2022 Diamond Award CUNADiamondAwards2022.pdf Coming Soon
2022 School Supply Drive TopLine_School_Supply_Drive_090722_final.pdf Coming Soon
2022 United Financials Capital (UFC) 22.09.28_United_Financials_Capital_Release_for_CUs_vFINAL_V2.pdf Coming Soon
2022 CU Forward Day TopLineCUForward2022.pdf Coming Soon
MNCUN Awards 2022 MNCUN_Awards_2022.pdf Coming Soon
TopLine Personal Care Drive 2022 TopLine_Personal_Care_Drive_110122.pdf Coming Soon
2022 Twin Cities Business Leaders in Marketing Twin_Cities_Business_Leaders_in_Marketing_11xx22.pdf Coming Soon
TopLine Financial Credit Union Announces Retirement Of Tom Smith, President And Chief Executive Officer TSmithCEORetirement_press_release_FINAL.pdf Coming Soon
MNCUN Marketing Awards MNCUN_Marketing_Awards_011123.pdf Coming Soon
CUNA Desjardens Award 2022 CUNA_Desjardens_Award_2022.pdf Coming Soon
TopLine Winter Gear Drive 2023 Winter_Gear_Drive_022223.pdf Coming Soon
Bedding Drive 2022 TopLine_Bedding_Drive_031523.pdf Coming Soon
Credit Union House Hall of Leaders Credit_Union_House_Hall_of_Leaders_040523.pdf Coming Soon
MN Food Share Month 2023 TopLine_Food_Drive_041323_FINAL.pdf Coming Soon
Jeremy Ebert CFO and SVP Jeremy_Ebert_CFO-SVP_FINAL.pdf Coming Soon
Mick Olson President and CEO toplineolson.pdf Coming Soon
Diaper and Wipe Drive 2023 Diaper__Wipe_Drive_051623.pdf Coming Soon
2023 MAC Awards MAC_Awards_060823.pdf Coming Soon
2023 Star Tribune Top Workplace TopLine_StarTribune_TopWorkPlace_2023.pdf Coming Soon
2023 Best of Business Twin_Cities_Best_of_Business_062823.pdf Coming Soon
TopLine Credit Union Foundation Event 2023 2023_TopLine_Foundation_Fundraising_Event_080123.pdf Coming Soon
2023 CUFEN Award CUFEN_080923.pdf Coming Soon
TopLine's Donation Benefits Avenues For Youth Avenues_Donation_081623.pdf Coming Soon
MNCUN Desjardins Adult Financial Education Award Desjardins_Adult_Financial_Education_Award_090823.pdf Coming Soon
MNCUN Louise Herring Award Louise_Herring_Award_090823.pdf Coming Soon
School Supply Drive 2023 School_Supply_Drive_091323.pdf Coming Soon
Keystone School Supply Distribution Keystone_School_Supply_Distribution_Event_091923.pdf Coming Soon
New Bloomington Branch Opening New_Bloomington_Branch_Opening_101123.pdf Coming Soon
CU Forward Day 2023 CU_Forward_Day_2023_102423.pdf Coming Soon
Personal Care Drive 2023 Personal_Care_Drive_102623.pdf Coming Soon
Keystone Bike Drive 2023 Keystone_Bike_Drive_110123.pdf Coming Soon
Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors FiCep_Program_111423.pdf Coming Soon
2023 CUNA Desjardens Award CUNA_Desjardens_Award_2023.pdf Coming Soon
2023 Holiday Gift Drive Holiday_Gift_Drive_011624.pdf Coming Soon
MNCUN Marketing Awards 2023 MNCUN_Marketing_Awards_012524.pdf Coming Soon
Winter Gear Drive 2024 Winter_Gear_Drive_022024.pdf Coming Soon
Osseo Mock Interviews 2024 Osseo_Mock_Interviews_022224.pdf Coming Soon
Bedding Drive 2024 Bedding_Drive_031424.pdf Coming Soon
TopLine Credit Union Foundation Scholarships Foundation_Scholarship_031924.pdf Coming Soon
GAC 2024 GAC_032624.pdf Coming Soon
MNCUN FSC Scholarships 2024 MNCUN_FSC_Scholarships_032624.pdf Coming Soon
2024 Prairie Seeds Academy Career Fair Prairie_Seeds_Academy_Career_Fair_040224.pdf Coming Soon
MN FoodShare Month 2024 Food_Drive_041124.pdf Coming Soon
Proposed Merger Of TopLine Financial Credit Union And Anoka Hennepin Credit Union Anoka_Hennepin-TopLine_Merger_Announcement_final.pdf Coming Soon
Diaper and Wipe Drive 2024 Diaper_and_Wipe_Drive_051424.pdf Coming Soon