Financial Wellness Tips

At TopLine we are here for you every step of the way! From buying your first car or home, helping with creating a budget, understanding your credit score, insurance needs, investments, and providing you with our best financial wellness tips along the way. Check out a few tips from our very own TopLine financial experts!

Troy C.

TopLine Branch Manager

“When setting up direct deposit, have at least 10% go into your savings account with each paycheck. A percentage ensures that the amount you’re saving each month is consistent with your wage/salary. It’s good to have your savings amount consistent with any increases in income!”

Valerie R.

TopLine Bloomington Branch Manager

“What's your current interest rate? You could refinance and save money on your monthly payment. TopLine offers low interest auto loans! With the extra saving you could start a Wincentive savings account!”

Kari K.

TopLine Member Service Specialist

“Double check your loan interest rates, refinancing isn’t just for mortgages. TopLine can refinance your vehicle."

Phil D.

TopLine Insurance Representative

“At TopLine Insurance Agency, we shop so you don’t have to! We work with MANY different carriers to get you the best possible rate.”

Shannon M.

TopLine Senior Consumer Loan Officer

“Credit scores have become such a focus in our culture, and they are a good indicator of credit health. However, they do not indicate your overall financial health. The thing to remember is this: if you do what is smart for your long term-financial health, your credit score will follow.”

Kent E.

Senior Vice President Member Service and
Branch Operations

It can be hard to pay down your debt if your only making minimum payments each month. Create a debt action plan by paying down your smallest debts first. Start by making all of your minimum payments, then increase a modest amount to pay off your smallest debt. Once it’s paid off add the extra money you were paying to your next smallest debt. Stay encouraged and keep paying down that debt!

Megan H.

Branch Operations Coordinator

Many of our members benefit from enrolling their debit or credit card with FREE Visa Purchase Alerts. It’s a great way to keep on top of your account when transactions occur and can even be utilized as an early fraud detection tool.