2023-2024 Scholarship Recipients

TopLine Credit Union Foundation awarded $30,500 in scholarship money to TopLine members who were continuing their education in 2023-24.
We are thrilled to announce our 2023/24 scholarships recipients!
The foundation received over 175 applications and congratulates our 30 award recipients! Thank you to all those that applied.
Scholarship award recipients were selected based on their response to the essay question of "Describe a time, event or individual in your life that has influenced you as a person and how will this help to guide your future?"

Watch for our next scholarship program to be announced in 2024/25!


Name  Scholarship Award
Adrienne B. $1,000
Andrea T. $1,000
Anna W. $1,000
Arreh J. $1,000
Blake R. $1,000
Calvin T. $1,000
Connor C. $1,000
Eh P. $1,000
Elise V. $1,000
Emma H. $1,000
Eric P. $1,000
Esther M. $1,000
Farah P. $1,000
Fayedra V. $1,000
Jane K. $1,000
Kaitlyn X. $1,000
Katherine O. $1,000
Kaw Z. $1,000
Kyle O. $1,000
Kylee L. $1,000
Martin O. $1,000
Madison B. $1,000
Michelle J. $1,000
Nang O. $1,000
Ogoma N. $1,000
Samantha K. $1,000
Scott B. $1,000
Steven R. $1,000
Thomas H. $1,000