Call for TopLine Board Candidates

TopLine's Nominating Committee is looking for candidates to serve on TopLine's Board of Directors as volunteers. Terms will begin following TopLine's Annual Meeting in April 2023 and continue for three years.

What do board members do?

TopLine board members oversee credit union operations. They meet once each month to determine policies to be implemented by credit union staff, attend educational sessions and serve on at least one special committee.

Why should I volunteer?

Board membership provides an excellent opportunity for you to apply your financial and leadership experience. You will help others and yourself by determining the best way your credit union can serve its membership.

What qualifications do I need?

Qualified candidates are TopLine members in good standing, have a sincere desire to serve the credit union in an official capacity, and are willing to devote the necessary time to the position.

For more information and additional qualification criteria, contact TopLine Senior Vice President Vicki Erickson at 763-391-9494 or send an email to

All nomination information must be received by November 4, 2022.